Wings of a butterfly


Humans are undergoing six million years of evolution, but still, the immensity of human potential is not fully explored. Charles Darvin said,

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most responsive to change.”

Over a while, our human brain is equipped to process recurrent information using a large number of peculiar mechanisms that were shaped by natural selection. But modern humans are exposed to advanced knowledge repositories, culture, the formation of cognition and autonoesis, which is influencing their decision making, individual differences and sense of personal and social identity. Especially, children and adolescents are exposed to various allures through ubiquitous by the internet. They look for creative ways to raise social status and collaborating opportunities.

Image by Anja?#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy? from Pixabay

As per researches, the age of pubertal onset has moved earlier by an average of one month per decade over the past century which is causing early-adolescent push behaviors which is mostly not understood by the previous generation. Thus, the adaptive logics fundamentally observed as psychobiological patterns of responding to changes in environmental experiences are undergoing tremendous changes. So, the need to analyze these kinds juxtaposing normative evolutionary mismatches and behavioral unconventionality in terms of life history and biocultural modeling is becoming inevitable. 

It is essential for the human being to know what shape our choices, desires and behaviours. Gaining self-awareness by understanding the real-world experiences and situations in the perspective of evolutionary psychology will help us to cope up with the universal changes without compromising our unique identity. We should learn and incorporate pioneering methods of engaging with broader issues of mental wellbeing to survive the complex interplay of our psychology, environment and culture of today’s world.


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