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Econometrically proven that beauty pays!

Why are Attractive People More Successful ?

This is the summary result of the research run by Professor Daniel Hamermesh, currently at the Royal Holloway – the University of London, reported in the book “Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.” The Professor, an expert in labor economics, measured beauty in “pulchritude”, a neologism for the indicator that measures the facial symmetry.

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Research results show that the beauty factor would increase a woman’s salary by 4%, while it would weigh positively for 8% on a man’s pay. If beauty matters more on the wages of the man in the “marriage market” the situation is reversed. The bad news is for those who would be willing to look for symmetry through surgery.

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Indeed it is true that the economic return of an acquired symmetry would not cover its cost. Success is hard work undeniably. Not everything totally depends on symmetrical assumptions. However, having a look at the most successful politicians, doctors, and entrepreneurs around the world. It’s not so frequent to find symmetrical faces.

– Santina Bevacqua

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