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ChallengeAccepted #Hoodwinked

1 Turkey is one of the top countries which has the most number of femicides. About 500 cases were recorded for femicides, and no documented evidence was collected. Sadly there is no track of how many women are murdered each year.

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2 In a single week, they had so many women murdered. People had to raise their voices against this.

3 The government or any officials did not take any action against these crimes, Most often these murders rarely get a slap or arm-twist or no charges at all.

4 Enough care for this case wasn’t given. Rumors that the government is trying to abolish certain aspects of the ‘Istanbul Convention’, which is a human rights treaty that protects women’s rights against domestic violence.

5 This also stands as a legal justice request from the government where women are fighting to get their own reasons. 6 Turkish people wake up every morning to the newspaper and see black and white photos of a woman being murdered every day.

7 This made women start this campaign to stop cruelty against women, to stand solidary with the woman they have lost so far, also to show the world that one day even their photo would be posted on the newspaper in black and white one day.

8 This became viral when celebrities started participating in the Challenge, and the general public also participated in the Challenge without adequately knowing the meaning of it.

Critics of the Challenge, however, the campaigns have called the campaign as supporting a “vague cause,” and users from Turkey have called out people for participating in the challenge “without knowing its meaning,” causing many to misrepresent its purpose.

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