Evolution of Mankind


Human evolution has always been an interesting and indulging topic to ponder over ever since the early 19th century until now. Various people have tried to fit the term into a small box of specific traits and theories but somehow as the mankind evolves the way we see and comprehend the term “evolution” have started to take roots into various lands of science not to mention the never-ending debate it’s having with different world religions. The rebellious nature of discussing this topic without bringing religions and their views on evolution is the need of the hour today.

The medieval era actually tried to establish a perfect balance between both physical and mental aspects of adaptation but failed to maintain it due to the influx of various ideological values and political shrewdness of that time.

We look at our challenges now it’s more of a mental issue than physical. These days only Humans with good intellect run the world. For Adapting to 21st century u should have a strong positive mind than a chiseled body. Although it sounds cool and eases the mental stress revolving around the process of this new adaptations always takes a huge toll on our interaction with the society and people who r not mentally prepared to face it usually find themselves stumbling and collapsing into the pit of various psychological and psychiatric morbiditiesI’m gonna change the quote “the survival of the fittest” to “the survival of the strong-minded” because  “BEING MENTALLY STRONG” should be the motto of humankind

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change”

As a Doc, with a medical perspective, I can say adaptations should be both physical and mental but humankind has never been able to strike a balance between these two since it’s inception. During the earlier stages of evolution, the main challenges for adaptation were completely Physical. Only the brute force survived, weaker ones perished and the human body had adapted to the changing environment by physically modifying its phenotype. There was never any need for intellectual property at that time.


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